Industrial Property rights are intangible assets and are therefore essential elements in the valuation of a company's assets.

Our team helps you with the procedure to value your Industrial Property rights.

To this end we developed VALUATIS, dedicated to valuing, exercising and defending Industrial Property rights abroad.

An estimation of your Industrial Property rights portfolio requires knowledge of the company and the domain, and a technical and legal perspective.

Thanks to our expertise, we can advise you on the estimation of your Industrial Property rights portfolio at every stage in the development of your company:

  • acquisition, assignment or transmission (partial or total)
  • audit of one or several Industrial Property titles in the framework of fundraising / capital increase (due diligence)
  • assignment of rights or licences
  • fiscal optimization procedure
  • search for partners

We proceed with:

  • evaluation of the validity and extent of rights
  • valuation and financial estimation of rights

We help our clients to negotiate and draft contracts linked to their Industrial Property rights. We handle the following, among others:

  • assignment contracts
  • licensing contracts
  • nondisclosure agreements
  • knowledge transmission agreements
  • co-ownership of rights agreements
  • coexistence agreements
  • industrial partnership agreements

For our clients, we provide legal opinions concerning the validity of Industrial Property titles and their free exploitation.

We advise our clients on the best valuation and/or protection strategy to adopt.

We assist our clients who are applying for the Research Tax Credit in proving the innovative character likely to qualify their Research and Development work.