Is It All In Our Nature?

In recent years, significant progress has been made in developing various biotechnological and chemical products. To name a few examples from an ever growing list, various technological innovations have allowed us to produce recombinant insulin in a laboratory, grow a recombinant bacterium which can digest an oil spill, prepare a food supplement comprising a highly […]

French Polynesia: Responsible for its Industrial Property

Since the organic law of 27/02/2004, French Polynesia has had the status of an Independent Overseas Territorial Collectivity and has acquired competence for Industrial Property rights. An extension agreement was signed between the Polynesian government and the INPI to govern the effects of IP titles registered, renewed and extended by the INPI in French Polynesia. […]

New extensions of domain names

In 2012, the supreme regulating authority for domain names, ICANN, issued the right to create nearly 2000 new extensions. Some extensions have already been approved and others are still being created. Registrars who have registered their applications must be approved by ICANN. Some companies have applied to represent extensions for trademarks (.google, .danone, .nike, .apple […]